Hello Beautyholics!

Welcome to a slice of our world! This is own by two good friends, Ana Q & Gracee Gee. Together we have thought of something exciting, fun and discovery for all of us “BEAUTYHOLICS”.

We would like to tell you our experiences in each products or services we feature on this blog. We know, almost everyone has their own REVIEW BLOG, but whats our differences? Well I guess, it is for you to figure out!

It is quite challenging for us to find out which one is effective and which one has the “GLAM” factor – couldn’t be geekier than that. Just like you, we had our moments of well “failures” way-way back those times that we have no idea how to put a make-up or neither what solution to use when you have an ACNE. And yes, its all up to you whether you would like to buy one or buy them all!

Anyway, we hope that each blog can help you out. Beauty is in the inside Yes, we all know that. But also it would also be great if you here compliments ones in a while.

Now grab your coffee with a cookie on the side and lets go and beautify ourselves!

Ana Q. & Gracee G.


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